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      To survive in a new, globally competitive world, today's youth will need creativity, problem-solving abilities, a passion for learning, a dedicated work ethic and lifelong learning opportunities. At Learning Oasis, we believe that students can develop these abilities through instruction based on transformational teaching and learning strategies. Transformational teaching and learning are an inherent part of a curriculum that are evidence-based and exemplifies the connection and relevance identified in educational research. They interject rigor into the curriculum by developing thinking and problem-solving skills through integration and active learning. Relationships are built through opportunities for communication and teamwork. Transformational teaching and learning motivate, engage and prompt students to learn and achieve. Students receive a balanced curriculum and possess the knowledge, skills and abilities to transfer and connect ideas and concepts across disciplines. At Learning Oasis, we strive for transformational teaching and learning through our six core components which are:

  • A balanced curriculum
  • An integrated curriculum
  • Individual learning plan
  • Active learning opportunities for students to internalize their learning and make the necessary conceptual connection
  • A system wide 21st Century Habits of mind culture
  • Essential learning tools for the students

      At Learning Oasis, we dedicate ourselves to providing parents and students with superior and competitive educational services that go beyond basic education.


      Learning and innovation skills are what separate students who are prepared for increasingly complex life and work environments in the 21st century from those who are not. Youths today live in a technology- and media-driven environment marked by access to an abundance of information, rapid changes in technology tools, and the need to collaborate and make individual contributions as they prepare for both the workplace and contribute to the nation. Today’s life and work environments require far more than thinking skills and content knowledge. To be effective in the 21st century, citizens and workers must be able to communicate, to collaborate, to continuously learn, and to function in a visual, data-rich society. We at Learning Oasis thus emphasize on the increasing needs of learning to learn in light of the shift to a digital age that values intellectual capital. This vision redefines the purpose of education. Our vision is to nurture learners who have the self-confidence, independence, and high-tech proficiencies to continuously learn—meeting challenges innovatively and creatively. Accordingly, we use a full system approach of the Habits of Mind to habituate the students with the necessary 21st Century skills.

      The Habits of Mind is our full system approach in enhancing the curriculum, teaching and learning methodology and assessments. The Habits of Mind is integrated throughout the culture of Learning Oasis learning community. The Habits of Mind are an identified set of 16 problem solving, life related skills, necessary to effectively operate in the society and promote strategic reasoning, insightfulness, perseverance, creativity and craftsmanship. The understanding and application of these 16 Habits of Mind serve to provide the students with skills to work through real life situations that equip them to respond using awareness, thought, and intentional strategy in order to gain a positive outcome.


      We have taken our 20 years of experience in teaching the IGCSE Syllabus to the next level with our propriety Learning Oasis Integrated Curriculum™. The integrated curriculum covers the Cambridge IGCSE O Level syllabus in an integrated and balanced manner. Learning Oasis Integrated Curriculum™ is a value based balanced curriculum aiming at educating the whole child. The curriculum is rigorous and relevant, covering the entire Cambridge IGCSE O level standards. Based on best knowledge of how children develop and learn, the Learning Oasis Integrated Curriculum™ prepares our students for success in academic and in life. Our balanced curriculum promotes brain growth and development through an enriched environment that creates active participants rather than passive observers, allowing the students to use the whole brain and provides the students with opportunities to develop the essential 21st Century Habits of Mind and nurture the students’ positive behaviour & attitudes.

      The syllabus is approached thematically which enable the students to connect the concepts holistically both in depth and breadth. The syllabus is also enriched with IT resources and value laden credos embedded into daily practices of the classroom. Open educational resources are used to scaffold and manage the students’ learning. The integrated, balanced approaches allow the students to view the concepts from several perspectives instead of having compartmentalized views of the subjects and discover connections between what they are learning and the real world relevance of the knowledge. This develops their love for learning and allows them to develop new, necessary skills and abilities to be successful spiritually, emotionally, academically, and socially. The approach accelerates the students’ learning, promotes better understanding and allows the IGCSE standards to be achieved in a more holistic and unified manner. The practice affords them the opportunity to identify topics, develop questions, plan inquiry, divide tasks, research information and share the learning process and content.


      The mission of Learning Oasis is to prepare our youth for their futures and as life-long learners by equipping them with the essential 21st Century skills. Learning Oasis Individual Learning Plan™ (ILP) provides a structured process to help students plan for their futures through:

  • Acquisition of knowledge
  • Development of skills
  • Adoption of appropriate behaviours/attitudes

      Individual Learning Plan is a foundational component of our personalization efforts intended to help students plan for their future under the guidance of adults who know and care about them. Personalization is a learning process in which we help students assess their own strengths and aspirations, plan a pathway toward their own purposes, work cooperatively with others on challenging tasks, maintain a record of their explorations and demonstrate learning against clear standards in a wide variety of media, all with the close support of our educational psychologist and teachers.

      ILP is primarily authored by students themselves, with guidance from our educational psychologist, teachers, parents, and community contacts – such as a business or professional mentor, when applicable. Learning Oasis creates structures and occasions such as advisories to revisit ILP frequently and even rewrite them as the student chooses their IGCSE subjects, documents his or her outside activities, prepares to meet the IGCSE and college requirements, and generally plans for their future. The ILP helps students focus on goals and manage their time to accomplish their personal objectives, in conjunction with completing their IGCSE. ILPs offer an excellent opportunity to engage you as parents in your child’s learning.

      The ILP is a structured process that enables students to plan for their future in four developmental domains: academic, career, personal and social, and allows our educational psychologist and teachers to observe the students’ progress along the learning continuum. The ILP Program is outcome-based with specific learner outcomes and function as a pathway to personalization. Individual student planning consist of our educational psychologist coordinating ongoing in house learning activities designed to help individual students plan, monitor, manage and establish their personal goals and develop future plan.

      ILP is a personal challenge to take ownership for one’s learning. The ILP provides students with a meaningful and on-going process that focuses on their future success. It is a personal challenge to students to assume ownership for their learning and to learn self-direction as a life-long skill. Students are guided in their efforts by adults who interact with them to arrive at a mutually agreed-upon set of learning goals and developmental activities. Support for meeting this challenge also comes from parents who are encouraged to become more aware of their children’s plans through reviewing and signing their ILPs.


      Active learning is a process in which the students are engaged in hands-on activities rather than passively receiving knowledge. Students interact with others to construct meaning from new ideas and concepts based on their background knowledge. Active learning is fast paced, fun and personally engaging because students have the opportunity to try things out, use their senses, ask questions and discuss with others. Assignments are designed to draw upon the skills and knowledge that students have or must acquire. Cooperative learning, problem solving, and project- based learning are some of active learning strategies employed at Learning Oasis.

      Active learning allow us to address the students’ individual learning styles. The various active learning activities engage the students in higher-order thinking tasks such as analysis, synthesis and evaluation, study ideas, solve problems and apply what they have learned, work collaboratively with others and connect between what they learn and real-life applications of the knowledge.


We offer Cambridge IGCSE O Level Program on a small group basis (4-5 students) in order to optimise the learning outcomes. Several options are available for parents to choose from:

i. CHECK POINT    IGCSE (3 Years)

      However eligibility for the chosen program depends on individual entry level readiness and several other factors.

  Subjects offered are:
  1. Physics
  2. Additional Mathematics
  3. Chemistry
  4. English as Second Language
  5. Biology
  6. Geography
  7. Mathematics
  8. History

      Once enrolled, the students will undergo series of profiling to determine their interest, strengths, areas of needs, entry level readiness and personalities. Based on the data gathered, the students will be coached to design their ILP. The first two weeks of enrolment are dedicated to the students acquiring the necessary learning tools from our Learning Oasis Thinking and Learning Tool Box™ .Classes are conducted daily from 8.00 a.m to 2.00 p.m

Teachers Training

Psychology of Learning™

      Psychology of Learning™ addresses the paradigm of knowledge construction and the prerequisites to effective construction of knowledge. The participants will learn about the various aspects of student centred teaching and learning such as discovery learning, authentic learning tasks, collaborative learning and several other constructivists based learning tools. The participant will acquire the skills to design a learning environment that promotes active construction of knowledge by the students.
      Also covered in the module is the framework for Teaching for Understanding where the participants will experience the art of crafting lessons aimed at a bigger perspective of understanding which is applications in real life and the various ways of assessing the students’ understanding performances.
      In the The Arts of Teaching™ the participants will discover their own teaching style and how it influences the students. They will learn the skills of differentiated teaching to accommodate the unique combinations of learning styles, readiness, interest, and learning preferences of the students.

The Arts of Learning™

      The Arts of Learning™ equips the learners with the necessary tools to learn effectively. The module covers the various techniques that can be utilized to facilitate conceptual connections such as mind mapping, concept maps, Thinking Maps, Cornell Notes, etc.

Tawhidic View of Knowledge

      Tawhidic View of Knowledge is based on the principles of Tarbiyah (transforming) and Tawhidic paradigm of Divine Unity. The participants will learn the skills to craft learning activities weaved with the Islamic teaching and values and revolve around themes and concepts and the connections between them, rather than isolated information. The approach allows the students to experience integrated gestalt learning when they form an integrative mental concept of the world and their role in it hence developing a unified mentality and personality thus serving the bigger purpose of education which is human development and transformation. Trans disciplinary integrated learning will allow the students to discover the conceptual interconnections and the unity of Allah’s creations.

Transformative Teaching and Learning

      Transformative teaching and learning calls for a trans disciplinary Habits of Mind - a repertoire of cognitive habits essential to problem solving when the solution is not apparent. Trans disciplinary habits of mind is the hallmark of creative and successful people who cross pollinate ideas, concepts, and perceptions from various field of knowledge or expertise with ease. Throughout the module the participants will get the opportunity to practice and nurture their habits of mind through the time tested R2A2 method.

Skills of Classroom Management™

      The Skills of Classroom Management™ addresses the needs for a skilful classroom management. The module covers the essential skills to a successful classroom management which are Content Management, Covenant Management and Conduct Management with the Islamic etiquettes of student of learning as the overarching principles.

Culture of Organic Assessment™

      The Culture of Organic Assessment™ is based on the idea that assessment should contribute to the growth of the learner as well as the teachers. The participants will learn about authentic performance assessments and the various ways to authentically assess the students’ learning as well as their own teaching proficiency.

The Arts of Communication™

      The Arts of Communication™ is based on non-judgmental, empathetic communication skills. By acquiring the skills, the participants will be communicating more compassionately and collaboratively with their students, peers, and others.

Enrichment Program

We provide after school classes on Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Additional Mathematicss enrichment classes

Special Needs

We provide :
  • Case Management
  • Diagnostic Tests
  • IEP Individual Plan
  • Intervention
  • Teachers Training on how to identify special needs students

Learning Oasis Toolbox™

      Learning Oasis Tool Box™ is our propriety compilation of tried and tested thinking and learning tools that help nurture the students’ thinking skills, accelerate the students’ learning and facilitate their construction of knowledge. Prior to starting their program, the students will be coached on using the various thinking and learning tools from our tool box.